Little CMS 2.11 released

By Marti Maria | October 2, 2019

After a long period of inactivity, I am happy to announce the release of lcms2-2.11.

It includes bug fixes and some compilation aids, like the possibility of removing the “register” modifier.

MD5 is now accesible in API.

PostScript CSA generation is also much better, solving historical performance issues on PostScript which affect many intepreters, Camelot, Ghostscript…

Maybe the biggest difference of 2.11 with other releases lies in the bundle with the “fast float” plug-in.

Previouly released as a commercial package, the “fast float” plug-in increases floating point performance significantly. That means, you call a function when initializing your code and you get a throughput gain when doing floating point transforms. The plug-in has also other features like dithered output or fast 8 bit RGB transforms. There is a test bed in the plug-in directory that shows and measures the throughput gain in your target computer.

I have decided to releases this plug-in AS OPEN SOURCE UNDER GPL3 LICENCE. Please check the license carefully before including the code in your applications. This is only on the plug-in, the lcms2 core is still under MIT license. In case of doubt you can contact me on this mailing list or by using the mail info {at} littlecms {dot} com.