Little CMS 2.12 release candidate

By Marti Maria | January 4, 2021

Happy new year!

It is time to do a release in preparation to some big changes. This is release candidate 1 of lcms2-2.12 that hopefully will add stability. Most of the new development has been done in fast float plug-in, now we have a integrated build system (a command line option in configure script) and more kernels, RGB to anything, and Lab to anything. The path “Lab to RGB” in float is specially useful. This release also recovers PDF for documentation, but at a reduced size. Thanks to Thomas Weber from Debian to help with this issue.

Here you can find the pre-release


After this, I will get rid of autogenerated files in repository, as per This Pull request The idea is only official release will have those files and if anybody wants to use latest, will need to use autotools across the provided script.

Feel free to test it on all your products, tentative release date for final lcms2-2.12 is Jan-25-2021 Please contact me on any issue either on info { at } or across this list

Best regards Marti Maria The LittleCMS Project